Tips On Selecting A Space Heater

space heater powered by ceramic elements

Finding a space heater is something that you need to do very carefully because of how dangerous a space heater can become when it is in use. However, what you need to realize is sometimes you will not have much time to do all the research you want and with winter quickly coming and cold air expected to happen at any point in time, it is essential to find a space heater quickly. Since this is the case, we are going to go over some tips quick to help you in selecting a space heater to use inside of your home.

Choose The Right Fuel

Type of fuel system the heater is going to use is one of the primary considerations you should be making. While you may think all of these are going to be the little electric ones you can buy, you need to realize this is not the case. In fact, some space heaters will be powered by wood, gasoline, or even kerosene. So you should find out about the type of power it is going to require, and then you can go from that point to see which kind of fuel you want. A common type and often safest option are the electric units you can buy and plug into your electrical outlets.

Size Your Heater Accordingly

powerful infrared heating systemThe size of the space the heater is going to warm up is another consideration. If you are going only to heat up the drafty area under your desk, then a smaller heater will easily do the job. However, if you are trying to warm up your entire bedroom, then you may need to use a larger heater that will make it easier for you to get the space warmed up. Typically on a space heaters box, it will have a room size rating in square feet or meters. You just have to make sure you follow these guidelines to select the proper size.

Provide Enough (Electrical) Power

No matter what you are using for the power source, you should make sure you have ample power for the units. So if you select the kerosene heater, you will need to make sure you have a can of kerosene around. At the same time if you have opted to use the electric you should make sure you have plenty of electrical power available at the source and have the right type of plugs available. Usually, these will run off of your standard house plugs, but in some cases, these do require a special socket.

Consider Efficiency

infrared vs ceramic heating efficiencyEnergy ratings are something else that you should consider. While we all want to save power, if you have a space heater that is older you will find that it is not as efficient as the newer models. So you will want to find out what type of energy star rating the heater has and how this was gauged so you can figure out what kind of usage you will have. Different types of heaters have different efficiencies. Take a look at this comparison on by The Efficient Heater Guy

Make Sure Your Space Heater Is Safe

Safety is something else you need to consider. Face it; these will get knocked or hit by kids, pets, or yourself. If they are knocked over, they should have an automatic shutoff. This will prevent you from having a fire or other problem inside of your home from the space heater.

Staying warm in winter is a good thing. However, sometimes it will be challenging to do because of how cold or drafty a room is. Since this is the case, you may think finding a space heater is the best solution possible. This can be true, but you should learn how to select a space heater to ensure you buy the right one.

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